Starburst Airs Tropical Sour Gummy Candy 4.3 oz Bag

SKU: 483198
Starburst Airs Tropical Sour Gummy Candy 4.3 oz Bag

Starburst Airs Tropical Sour Gummy Candy 4.3 oz Bag

SKU: 483198
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Introducing NEW STARBURST Airs Sour Tropical Gummy Candy, a gummy experience like no other that also satisfies your sweet craving. New STARBURST Airs Sour Tropical Gummy Candy delivers a unique, soft, squishy and airy texture with the same juicy STARBURST flavors you love. Ladies & gentlemen, this is a new era in gummies, a new texture and new eating experience. It is different from all the other gummies out there! These playful and fluffy gummies are soft to bite into, easy to chew, and best of all - won't stick to your teeth! Soft, chewy, and oh so fun, these tasty, aerated gummies come in tropical sour flavors to help you escape the everydayness of your day. Bursting with tropical kiwi-strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit & mango sour flavors, this pack is perfect for an afternoon treat at your desk, or to help you unwind at night. Unleash your imagination in an unimaginative world with a new candy that represents a new era in gummy candy. Keep a pack in your pantry or at your desk for a sour candy treat anytime. Add this pack of NEW STARBURST Airs Sour Gummy Candy to your cart for a new sour candy experience that is easy to chew and won't stick to your teeth.
Contains 1 (one) 4.3-ounce Peg Pack of new STARBURST Airs Sour Tropical Aerated Gummy Candy
Sour flavors include: kiwi strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit & mango
STARBURST Airs are a new gummy candy experience that won't stick to your teeth
Let your imagination (and taste buds) run wild with soft, juicy, and fun STARBURST candy, the easy to chew treat loved by everyone
This NEW chewy candy is the perfect companion to watching tv or scrolling online

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