Wakit Grinders Best Electric Herb Grinder (KLR Series, KLR Black)

SKU: 684803
Wakit Grinders Best Electric Herb Grinder (KLR Series, KLR Black)

Wakit Grinders Best Electric Herb Grinder (KLR Series, KLR Black)

SKU: 684803
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WAKIT GRINDERS uses a strong motor and a ball and chain initially separating thick stems from the herb while grinding and providing a fluffy texture every time no matter if your herb is light or dense. All within 5 seconds! ItÕs that efficient!
HOW TO USE Wakit is easy to use by everyone and there is no assembly needed. Using a flat surface place Wakit over herb (the size of a quarter) and apply 1-2 quick short taps to the pressure cap for a coarse consistency. For a finer result, add another 1-2 quick short taps. Our ball and chain technology does not get gunk up so you will enjoy the full benefits of your herb. Control desired texture using quick short taps/pulses and make sure to wait for ball and chain to stop before lifting.
EASE OF USE AND EFFECTIVE: Wakit Grinders is incredibly easy to use for everyone and no assembly is needed. It is perfect for people with dexterity conditions affecting hand coordination as it only requires a tap to activate. To use simply place herb, the size of a nickel, on a flat clean surface and place Wakit Grinders on top. Use 1 to 2 quick short taps if you desire a coarse texture. Its strong motor will grind your herb while trimming and leaving thick stems intact to pick and toss.
RECHARGEABLE its li-ion battery in a few hours using the included micro-usb cable just like a smart phone and other home accessories. What it means for you is that this grinder will last you for a long time to come in great condition! This is why our Grinder is #1 choice for Amazon
PURCHASE INCLUDES: 1 Wakit KLR Grinder (design you select), 1 Micro USB Charging Cable, and 1 User Manual. NOTE: No other items are included in your purchase. A round bottom 3Ó tray is sold separately as an accessory. The Wakit Tray DOES NOT come with your purchase and it is sold separately. We recommend using a clean flat surface or your tray of choice. Questions? Please contact us as we strive to bring an amazing revolutionary product paired with outstanding customer service.

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